Gorgeous and RARE large 47-piece set of dinnerware/serveware created by Connecticut-based Majilly Designs for BIA Cordon Bleu. Excellent like-new condition with absolutely no chips, cracks, or crazing. Out of production. Those who collect these pieces know that that they are very hard to find, and it is extremely rare to find this many pieces at a time in one set, and in this like-new condition. Deep rich colors in the seafood elements of the design (lobsters, clams, shrimp, bay leaves, and tomatoes), and the variability in the individual pieces are part of what make this set special and unique. For example, some coffee cup saucers contain three bay leaves, other contain five. Some coffee cups contain lobsters and bay leaves, others shrimp and clams, or clams and bay leaves. And on and on. Here’s an itemization of the pieces in this set:

– 8 oval dinner plates/platters
– 8 salad/shrimp plates
– 8 au gratin dishes
– 1 round au gratin style dish
– 8 coffee cups
– 8 saucers
– 1 large oval casserole dish/serving platter
– 1 oval covered casserole (2 pieces)
– 1 salt and pepper shaker set (2 pieces)
– 1 souffle dish