Giantville’s Tumbling Timber Toy giant Jenga-style tower game w/storage crate that doubles as a tower stand. This is the version with the extra jumbo-sized pine wood blocks. Contains 60 total blocks, some are numbered, which allows you to create unique bonus rules or play drinking games for adults. Missing the scoring board that comes with the retail version, but that’s easily replaced with pen and paper. The wooden blacks and storage crate are in like-new condition. I have two downloadable files of general gameplay instructions and alternate games I can transfer to you. If you’ve played Jenga before, you know how to play. This is just a giant version of that! Sells new for $99.95 plus tax and shipping.


Giantville just put a big spin on a classic game! The Extra Jumbo Wooden Blocks Game is a life-size version of your favorite game. It features quality wooden block pieces and a convenient carrying case that makes it easy to play anywhere. It’s perfect for family game nights and events. It’s great for indoor or outdoor play. Premium quality wood withstands every toss and tumble! Get the whole family involved in the fun; it’s a great game for every one of all ages to play. Stack your tower on a table or on the floor. No matter where you play everyone is sure to have a ton of fun!


Assign a rule to a number like go again, reverse direction or skip player so that when a numbered block is pulled the player will follow the rule associated with the number. Change the rules to make the game appropriate for children or adults. Keep track of points with the scorecard and go round for round. The game can continue for as long as you like.


Enjoy the fun anywhere. The heavy-duty carrying case makes it portable and easy to take our tumbling tower game outside. It’s great entertainment for birthdays, BBQs, baby showers, camping, tailgating, frat parties and so much more! Enjoy playing in the sun or even at the beach. Get the whole family involved in the fun!